PeBe, or Pawel Banas, is me. Project founder.

I was born and live in Poland, in beautiful city of Krakow. This is where my story has been created for over 40 years. I have many interests: graphics, music, technology and one Passion.

Programming has been my passion for over three decades. Around 1987 I got my first computer and it was the Atari 800XL. It was on him that I learned the programming principles and thanks to this, today I can do it in virtually any language. Ultimately, I focus on PHP and JavaScript, as these are the main languages that I used to create WEB applications.

Why did I come back to the roots?

Somehow I was not able to break out with WEB applications ... and in fact ATARI always flowed in my blood and continues to flow.
Something that really damns me these days is a lack of respect for using the equipment. Computers today have almost unlimited memory, they are unbelievably fast. The possibilities are so huge that it is hard to imagine. At the same time, power is squandered.

A little bit about the ATARI computer.

Atari is one of the first personal computers to appear in the world. They had a clock with a frequency of 1.79MHz (it's an average of 2500 times less than current processors) 6502 processors had ONLY one core! and were able to handle a maximum of 64KB RAM at one go. YES! 64KB is 65536 characters. It's 2.5 seconds of music in MP3!
And in these 64KB it was possible to fit fantasy, adventure and a thrill. Something that today takes gigabytes and does not always want to run smoothly.