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12 Apr 2020

The begining.

It is in this day, the idea was born, although not yet to the end I did not know it would be a game.

I sat down and installed the ATARI emulator out of boredom. I began to remember the games I liked to play:
- Stealth
- Jet Boot Jack
- Montezuma's Revange
... and many other.

Importantly, none of these games have affected decisions related to Archon Adventures.

Browsing through less known titles, I came across an unusual game that was described on Classic-Games.pl as "Diablo for the first time". It was Gemstone Warrior.

And that inspired me, though I still didn't know it would be a game. Quickly in my head I found a title that would be worth the sacrifice and launched the game Archon. It was what I needed to build a vision. And it started.


Gemstone Warrior on Classic-Games.pl (only in Polish)


Jet Boot Jack

Montezuma Revange

Gemstone Warrior


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