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17 Apr 2020

Underground project exit.

In each person's life there should be a moment such that dreams come to light.

This also happened with Archon Adventures. I decided to show off the work done so far, and it was quite a lot.

Simple screenshots prepared in the Atari FontMaker character creation program, this was just the beginning. I also prepared a small documentation where I uploaded my thoughts related to the project.

I decided to make all this available on AtariOnline.pl. I signed up and started the thread in the Projects section.

The project was received very positively and with great hopes that it will be completed. I was shown extraordinary favor and help. There you will find all the varieties related to the game and its technical aspects.

It's a great feeling.


Atari FontMaker created by MatoSimi
Archon Adventures documentation (only in Polish)
Atari Online.pl Forum - Archon Adventures section (only in Polish)
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